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Job: A Perspective on Suffering - Is God Good? (Job 2:7-10) - Corey Cornutt

Posted on May 28, 2017

Word for the Week - May 28, 2017

“Jesus told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.’”  —John 14:6 (NLT)

This Sunday in Sunday school we are talking about a familiar Bible character, Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he! OK, so we know the story well!  Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus, because he was too small to see Jesus over the crowd. Jesus looks up at him and says, “Come down because I’m coming to your house today.”  After spending the time with Jesus, scripture says that Zacchaeus repented and not only did he ask for forgiveness, but he made it right with all those he had wronged!  What an amazing show of how meeting Jesus can create a life change!  Zacchaeus is a popular story we use when we want to show a complete life change. Zacchaeus realized that what Jesus offered was more important than money or possessions, so he chose Jesus over wealth!

Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the life, no one can come to the father except through me.” Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus.  If Jesus had walked on by and never said anything to Zacchaeus, we would have a very different story. My question for you is, “How many Zacchaeuses do you walk by every day?  Is there someone in your life that you could share that Jesus is ‘the way, the truth, and the life?’”  God will use us as often as we are willing to be used, so keep looking up and see the Zacchaeus in your life!