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Job: A Perspective on Suffering - Self Defense (Job 30:19-23, 31:35-37) - Corey Cornutt

Posted on June 18, 2017

Word of the Week:  Give Me A Break

“And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” – Mark 2:27

Do you remember when summer was a time of the year to rest and catch our breaths?  I honestly don’t know if that has ever been the case during my lifetime, but we would all like to think that summer break would actually be…well, a break.  Sadly though, many of us find ourselves just as busy during summer as we are during the rest of the year.  We have a multitude of camps to take our children too as children’s sports now have the ability to literally take up our entire year.  Beyond that we have church trips, business trips, miscellaneous summer events, and somehow we try to squeeze time for a family vacation into that mix.

We enter the summer thinking that we’ll get some much needed rest only to find ourselves standing in line at Wal-Mart to buy school supplies during the week before school starts back feeling more tired than we did two months prior.  The truth of the matter is that rest is not going to find you.  Our culture is too busy for to simply “happen” on its own.  No, if you want rest, you have to go looking for it.  You have to create the time to give yourself and your family rest this summer.

Rest is not only physically beneficial for you, it’s mentally and spiritually beneficial as well.  A recurring time of rest, called Sabbath, is commanded by God in Scripture.  God’s goal, however, was not for honoring Sabbath to be a legalistic chore.  No, God made Sabbath for our benefit, so that we would take a step back from the hustle of day to day life, catch our breath, remember him, and…rest.  If you make the time for rest, your life will be better.

This summer then, take a break.  Say no to one of the many things on your schedule so that you can take a good chunk of time to step away and rest.  And when you rest, give thanks to the God who restores you.  Thank him for allowing you to be as productive as you are, and ask him to energize for the busyness yet to come.  The Sabbath was made for your benefit.  Honor it.  Rest in it.